Pigs Novosibirsk. Look how crap the people in the city — evil column of Dmitry Kosenko

We love to accuse the authorities that our city is dirty, everywhere dust and debris. Well dust and debris who scatters, aliens or something? Do the city’s residents, the most part rude, arrogant, boorish, not too burdened by intellect. About the issue in his newspaper column says Dmitry Kosenko.

recently on “Facebook” published a photo dumps that vacationers arranged to Karakansky forest, a beautiful natural place. It’s a herd effect — one animal dumped the trash bag, the other animals decided that there is a junkyard and you can blame here for their poor waste. The scale of beastliness astounding to export all this shit need a few trucks. The saddest thing is that debris, for example, will take out and new villains begin again to throw the packages in this or another place.