The pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer to swipe in Germany 4,500 jobs. The Board of Directors have agreed with the representatives of the employees, reported the German press Agency and the Rheinische Post, citing well-informed circles. On Tuesday, the company will inform accordingly, the roughly 32,000 employees in Germany about the decision.

The part of the restructuring of the group’s removal. In November 2018, Bayer had announced that the world’s 12,000 jobs will be cut, but on the individual countries. In the group in Germany, compulsory redundancies are ruled out until the end of 2025. In order to reduce the number of digits, the company is, therefore, severance payments, partial retirement and Disposals due to the usual fluctuation.

About 3,000 in Germany, eliminated jobs eliminated, according to the Rheinische Post on cross-cutting functions, such as administration or IT and in part to the synergies, the Takeover by Monsanto. An additional 1,000 were affected in areas such as research.

Bayer has is currently struggling with several problems. In the United States, the group believes that after the Acquisition of Monsanto’s numerous lawsuits because of the Herbicide, glyphosate faced. The plaintiffs are suing the US company, with glyphosate, a carcinogenic agent sold and not enough about the harmfulness informed. Bayer rejects these allegations and has recently released 107 study reports on the safety of glyphosate.

Also in the important pharmaceutical business was able to report the group’s promise last only a few successful developments. Bayer announced the removal, as a consequence, plans to make, in order to save costs and make work processes more efficient.