Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to increase the pensions of millions of low-wage earners. The coalition government argues about the Details, but in principle, you agree that anyone Who has worked for decades, and will in future have significantly more money in old age, as someone who has not worked.

salvation concept for a basic pension, for example, a hairdresser who has paid 35 years of contributions into the pension Fund receives in the future a pension of close to 961 euros per month – and not just 514 Euro as yet. Because: especially people who work on minimum wage basis, threatens currently, poverty in old age. In the future, the following rule will apply: he Who has, after exactly 35 years of contribution less than 896 Euro pension, get a Supplement. Workers who earned only the minimum wage, to get the maximum sum of EUR 447. Overall, three-quarters of whom are women, should benefit from the reforms three to four million retirees.

what is it with you?

TIME ONLINE looking citizens, who have little pension, and this Reform could benefit. You can live from your current pension? How high is it? How many years of contributions you have paid in? You will find that your parenting years are fairly credited? What amount of pension would in your view be needed to cover your expenses? Where must you save at the Moment? The Federal labour Minister is correct with his calculations?

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