The father of the girl from Granby who died at age 7 after being the subject of several reports from the DPJ will not be released on parole as he claimed.

The father of the girl from Granby who died at age seven after being the subject of several reports from the DPJ will not be released on parole as he claimed.

In the decision released Monday, the Parole Board of Canada wrote, “You are still unable to explain the violence you have chosen to use against your daughter. You understand that the decisions you made at the time of the events were “irrational” and unacceptable, but are unable to go further in your reflection. The Commission believes it is essential that you further explore the origin of this violence. »

At the time of the tragedy, the Commission notes that the man “was surrounded by professionals, but that [his] desire to look good [has] prevented him from seeking the help that [he] really needs, at the right moment. »

The Commission also notes that his spouse “had already committed violent acts” towards the girl and that he was “willfully blind about it” to meet his own emotional need.

“Your responsibility for the tragic consequences that we know is undeniable. »

At the hearing, the father – whose identity cannot be released to protect the identity of the victim’s family members – said his sentence is life since he will never be able to find his daughter. He also indicated that he fears for his safety which has been compromised in the past “given the media coverage of the drama and the nature of the crime”.

One of the victims in the case wrote in writing that she fears the man’s release, seeing him back in the community and worries that he may be in contact with others again children of the extended family.

The recurrence risk assessment conducted in December 2022 indicates that the man is at a “low-moderate level, with a medium to long-term perspective”.

“The psychologist identifies the presence of a substance use disorder, mainly cannabis and methamphetamine, in prolonged and institutional abstinence as well as a personality composed of mainly dependent and antisocial traits, but these tend to fade or disappear. ‘soften. »

The Commission also invites the man to seek to understand how he could have had “such an emotional detachment” on the morning of April 29 when he left for work leaving behind his daughter still in restraints.

In the decision, the Commission recognizes that the man has respected the conditions of his incarceration and that no disciplinary offense is noted in his file.

“Your journey is well underway,” write the commissioners. What remains is for you to deepen your understanding of your tort cycle and develop a prevention plan that takes greater account of your personal difficulties and specific intervention needs. »

The Commission will hold a new hearing in November 2023, approximately six months before his release.

The girl’s father will then have served four years in prison.

The day before her death, the child had tried to run away and she had presented herself to a neighbor, completely naked.

Her father and his wife then quickly brought her home, “placed on the ground, restrained, immobilized with clothes and duct tape”.

His death, confirmed the next day, was caused by suffocation.