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Even the cheapest parking fees at BER Airport have risen drastically, from the last 25 euros to now at least 49 euros per week. This is the result of a current parking fee ranking by the Berlin/Brandenburg Consumer Protection Association (VSVBB). BER is now in eighth place among 16 German airports in terms of fees for parking near the terminal and is therefore still in the middle.

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Even cheap parking is the most expensive at Dortmund Airport (16th place) with at least 99 euros per week, the cheapest way to get rid of your car during the holiday season is at Dresden and Leipzig airports, for a minimum of 15 euros per week.

Cologne-Bonn is also comparatively cheap at a minimum of 29 euros per week. In Frankfurt am Main, the cheapest offers are therefore 65.30 euros per week, at Munich Airport (14th place) it is 87 euros, in Hamburg 89 euros (15th place).

According to the VSVBB ranking, you currently have to pay an average of 54 euros per week in Germany for the cheapest parking space near the terminal. Across Germany, parking prices at the major airports have increased by 16 percent compared to the previous year.

The consumer protection association from the capital region looked for the cheapest parking offers for its analysis, namely for parking spaces and multi-storey car parks near the terminal, i.e. no further than 750 meters away. At BER, this is the so-called “Early Bird” tariff, where you book parking early and online.

If you do not do this in advance, you will be asked to pay more: According to the airport website, the car parks (1 to 8) near the main terminal currently cost 199 euros for one week. For comparison: In Stuttgart, the most expensive airport in the ranking in this category, 294 euros per week would be due.

This is followed by Düsseldorf (266 euros) and Hamburg (245 euros) as well as Frankfurt (234 euros) and Cologne/Bonn (231 euros). The prices for the most expensive parking spaces have also increased from an average of 143 euros to almost 177 euros per week.

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VSVBB Chairwoman Angelika Menze recommends kissing this short-term parking zone

For example, if it is unclear when the luggage of the person to be picked up will arrive, according to Menze, “it would be better to drive to a multi-storey car park at the airport. Although these are usually a little further away from the terminal, they are usually much cheaper.” This applies to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport as well as to the other airports.

However, due to the financial crisis, BER is under additional pressure to increase its income. Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government have just approved a new financial injection of 1.7 billion euros for BER.