The logistics group DHL will increase its prices for national parcel shipping from July 1st. With the price adjustment, the company is reacting “to the significantly increased transport and wage costs as well as other general cost increases,” DHL said on Monday.

Accordingly, the price advantage for parcel and parcel brands purchased online will no longer apply in the future. The branch prices for small and medium-sized parcels will also be adjusted, DHL explained.

The price for a size S package has increased from EUR 3.79 to EUR 3.99. In future, customers will have to pay EUR 4.79 instead of EUR 4.50 to send a size M parcel. The price for the “5 kg package most frequently used by private customers”, on the other hand, will be reduced from the current EUR 7.49 to EUR 6.99, DHL explained.

Prices are also rising for the international shipping of parcels and packages. The reason is the sometimes “extreme increase in flight rates” and rising prices for delivery partners abroad. When shipping to non-European countries, however, buying parcels and parcel stamps on the Internet can still be worthwhile: the price difference remains here. (AFP)