“In the package delivery industry have well-established part of mafia-like structures,” said ver.di chief Frank Bsirske the Newspapers of the Funke media group. Companies like Hermes are involved, therefore, “companies that hire other companies, which then put people from Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus into the delivery vehicles.”

The Union Chairman criticized that many of the employees will only receive hourly wages of 4.50 euros to six euros for a day’s work from twelve to 16 hour. In addition, many of the employees would have to fake passports. The Problem will, according to Bsirske greater, the more the industry, the package delivery company boome.

Bsirske called on the government, the so-called subcontractor liability. “This means that the real Customer for the correct working conditions for all subcontractors to be responsible,” he said. So far, there is only in the construction and in the meat industry.

Bsisrske in favour of the pension plans of the SPD

Bsirske also called for better enforcement of the minimum wage – for example, through the introduction of a so-called minimum wage Hotline where violations of the minimum wage can be reported. He also supported the demand of the SPD after a minimum of twelve Euro per hour.

In the Interview of said.di-in-chief of the new pension plans of the SPD. Bsirske supports the Minister of labour, Mr Hubertus Heil (SPD) proposed basic pension. The basic pension can lift a million pensioners on the basic security claim and provide you with the means test to spare,” he said. The thickness, according to Bsirske, the trust in the pension. Healing had proposed, low-wage earners a bonus of up to 447 euros to pay on your pension to prevent poverty in old age. A prerequisite should be that the Affected can at least 35 years of contributions.