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The whole foods market is the counter-proposal to a Discounter. Here, you buy with a good Conscience, there are sustainability and Fairness. And the market share of the organic supermarkets in the food retail sector is growing. A study commissioned by the Federal Association health food nature goods, according to the number of supermarkets has increased in the past seven years by 130 per cent, in Germany. More than ten billion euros have been implemented in the past year, with organic food.

not long ago, all the big Bioketten fair. Again and again there are reports that these employers treat their employees poorly. Again and again the growth-oriented life science companies hit the headlines, for example, because the establishment of a works Council is prevented.

As in the case of Alnatura, the industry second among the Bioketten. Here, Employees of a Bremer branch in 2015, wanted to establish a works Council. Many in the Team at the time, 20 employees have complained about working Overtime, unfair pay, says Sandra Schmidt, trade Union Secretary at ver.di in Bremen. It would have been the establishment of the second Council of Alnatura, only in Freiburg since 2010. The employees could have reasons in the result of a joint works Council for the entire company – for a stronger networking of the branches with each other. Until today, however, there are at Alnatura in Bremen no works Council. Instead, it has been the Federal labour court with the case.


Former Employees of Alnatura accuse the company to have been prevented, that an election Committee is appointed, the organized in a works Council election. The company claims that the majority of the workers wanted in the Bremer branch no works Council, and refers to an open letter by some employees. For years, the dispute is no longer now, most of the employees to the works Council, are now in the company. You have signed termination agreements or contracts were not renewed. (A detailed case reconstruction you can read here.)

whole foods markets Dennree

founded in 1974, Biogroßhändler Dennree supplies over 1,400 markets in Germany and Austria, and has 300 of its own because that’s Natural. In total, the company employs over 5,900 employees, 400 more than in the previous year. 2018, the group generated 1,025 million euros in sales.