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on August 8 in Moscow hosted a Congress of “New people”, which was attended by 350 people from 55 regions of the country, including in Novosibirsk region. The results of the voting of the Congress, the Chairman of the party “New people” became its founder Alexey Nechaev, and the new composition of the Central Council entered Daria Karaseva from Novosibirsk. What projects of Novosibirsk turquoise party took to the work, which stars noted Siberians and who is behind the “New people”, read the article.

to aspire To “New people”

it is Now difficult to imagine the Novosibirsk without the turquoise banners with the inscription “New people”, although the party was established quite recently, in early March, 2020. Supporters of the party — progressive people, who have already achieved success in life and continue to set new goals and want the best for themselves and their children. They are all different ages, but this is not important: “New people” — it is rather an internal state.

September 13, from party “New people” will go to the polls candidates in 12 regions, including the Novosibirsk region. Many of them first try their hand at politics.

At the Congress in Moscow, there was that “New people” want the updates, which implies not only a change of personnel, but a new approach to interacting with voters. The party seeks to create conditions so that every citizen had the right to decide how and what to spend taxes. One of the main tasks is to relieve businesses from unnecessary inspections and pressure, and doctors, teachers and scientists — from unnecessary reporting. “New people” are trying to create a political system that protects everyone, not just the elect.