in the Middle of the Christmas business have paid employees in two locations of the shipping retailer Amazon their work. The strike had begun in the night, and should part take several days. A spokesman for the service trade Union Verdi, pointed to the possible consequences: “There is a danger that Christmas gifts do not arrive on time,” he said.

According to the employee representatives in both the shipping trade centre in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Werne, as well as the transit trade centre of Saxony in Leipzig are affected. While at the site in West Germany, initially until the Tuesday evening the strike, are not encouraged to Employ in Saxony, to work up to Christmas eve.

Like the Verdi spokesman further told, could extend the struggle to other locations and over an extended period of time. Already in the last week, the Union had called workers at the site of Rheinberg such a Protest.

With the strike, the trade unionists want to make pressure, that the working conditions for the Amazon Deal with collective agreements. Verdi calls on the US group for more than five years, to engage in collective bargaining similar to the single – and shipping trade. The company rejects this. Amazon sees itself as a logistics company, and refers to a payment at the upper end of what is in the logistics industry.