Get Fit & Healthy, Happiness in the small things in life. That claims to also be a counselor what was Demonie. According to her, will you not be happier of the difficult work-outs and strenuous dieting, or hard-to-meditiatie games, but some of the poepsimpele adjustments to be able to do to make a difference. We will list them for you. 1. Breathe

in the Year 2019 at the latest, we have it all, work, work, work. There isn’t much time to relax, to work, to eat healthy and exercise, and even to breathe, wrote what was Demonie, in her book, “Small happiness”. Since we are in a hurry, we breathe too fast, and treats us to a lot of air. It’s because you’re tired, groggy, and may feel you are even and then press on the chest. The solution is simple: quiet – in and out.
2. Move the

We all know it: we are too many. Demonie calls, therefore, for more physical exercise. It should also provide you with a fitness plan to purchase, or signing up for a group pilates class? Not to be at home. It is also easy to start, due to, for example, what is more likely to walk or bike to work.
3. Food

Hippocrates said over 2,300 years ago: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” In other words, in a pure and wholesome food is one of the most important factors for good health. Demonie, recommends, inter alia, to quiet, to eat, and plenty to chew on in and out of your comfort zone, to experience. “Don’t get stuck in a experienced advise. On Monday, stew on Tuesday for spaghetti … Nothing against the classics, but willing to play around with it.”
4. Drinking

Many people find drink too little water, it is the opinion of the health care professional. Do you want to drink? Apply to each and every meal, with at least one glass of water, and try to be in addition to the 3 times a day for up to an additional glass of water to drink.
5. Rest

at least 1 in 2 of the Flemish population does not sleep well, and that’s a problem, because a good night’s sleep is necessary for your body, mind and spirit to relax and de-stress. Demonie: “See, the idea of ‘having to’ to sleep, to let it go. It is better to have faith in your body is naturally able to fall asleep.”
6. Relaxing

We are, however, too often, been busy with a million and one things at the same time, so our bodies are still hard to relax on command. Yoga, which is more likely to be offline, or bosbaden are some of the solutions that can help you to relax.
7. Enjoy

What’s more to enjoy. It sounds as easy as pie and to be self-evident, however, that it is not, according to Demonie. We are too often rushed, so we don’t have the time to allow us to marvel at. In the daily life as far as possible, the small moments of joy, is the message here. And in all of them. Instead of having to snooze it and then rap it in the shower to get to work, run, turn off the alarm clock, for example, a quarter of an hour in the past, so you have more room to manoeuvre.
8. Laugh

a number of studies have shown that people are quite happy to be by the broad smile on your face. According to the Demonie, may be a smile on your mood, boost. However, the therapist advises you to take it a bit further to go. Something more has to be put into perspective and be kinder to yourself, you will be happier with it.
9. To express a feelings

Some people bottle up their emotions, because they are afraid of a negative response, in order to avoid conflict, or to cause others not to be hurt. But, that’s just bad for you, as we read in the “Small happiness”. That will raise the internal stress, which, in turn, can lead to physical symptoms such as exaggerated muscle tension, or digestive problems.
10. Love,

The boys know it already: all you need is love”. That’s according to well Demonie. “By love you to deal with something or someone, we give a certain value to their life. Whether it be the love of our cats and dogs, and the passion for our hobby, it is a close friendship, or the all-encompassing love for our children or our partner. The greater the variety of the forms of love we experience, the more fulfilled we are as human beings feel it.”