In Germany, a report found to be significantly more pensioners from poverty in old age affected than previously assumed. With 19.5 percent of all renter house every fifth poverty applied think almost endangered, reported the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Previously, it was assumed to be only 16 percent.

the results of The survey were, according to the report, is already known, however, were now analyzed from the pension policy spokesman of the left parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Matthias Birkwald, and the statistics Professor Gerd Bosbach in depth. The statistics pensioners had so far been combined in the indoor and retirees in a group. Since retired, so former officials, but not in the pension Fund Deposit and, on average, significantly higher retirement income, requested Birkwald and Bosbach, a separate analysis of the data. It is clear now that almost every fifth pure pensioner household is affected by poverty in old age, the newspaper reported. In contrast, only 0.9% of all pensioners face the threat of poverty.

“Who wants to prevent future poverty in old age or in combat, no longer coming to the new Numbers,” said Birkwald, according to the report. Almost every fifth person living in a pensioner household, had to live of less than 999 Euro, affected couples of less than 1.499 Euro. Therefore, there is a need for a “real worker’s insurance, according to the Austrian model, in which civil servants, self-employed, Freelancers and professionals and of course politicians Deposit” demanded Birkwald.

The basic pension is “only a first step”

in Order to reduce the high number of at risk of poverty are pensioners, urges the Federal Minister for social Affairs, Hubertus Heil (SPD) a basic pension. This is to increase the pension rights of low-wage earners, if you have paid 35 years in the pension scheme. Small pensions are to be increased by up to 447 euros a month. The Union criticized the high costs and the fact that the actual demand is not agreed to be examined, unlike in the coalition Treaty of CDU, CSU and SPD.

Birkwald salvation basic pension plans go according to the report, does not go far enough, they were “only a first step”. Necessary a “solidarity-based minimum pension was ultimately” so that no one in the age of less than 1,050 Euro had a net life. However, he was speaking for an income and assets test to determine the need.

keep The statistics for the risk-of-Poverty is based on the microcensus, a regular survey of about 400,000 German house. Risk of poverty is considered, therefore, who earn less than 60 percent of the median income. This is the income exactly in the middle of all income. As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, the poverty rate in this country overall, 15.8 percent; above average Lone parents were at risk, large families and the unemployed.