the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) has called for a higher taxation of top incomes. If the “very high” income, the top rate of tax “a moderate increase of three percentage points to 45 increases, I’d be only fair,” said Scholz of the TIME. “By the way, he was at the time of the Chancellor’s cabbage time, at 56 percent, and today he is 42 percent.”

In the USA the Democrats are currently calling for a top tax rate of 70 percent for the excitement. Such a tax rate, Scholz considers to be too high. The proposal of the US-Democrats “from my point of view already a little steep,” said the SPD Minister of the TIME.

The Grand coalition has not actually aim to increase the tax burden for the citizens. What exactly is meant by this, depending on the party-political style, however, differently interpreted. For the CSU, the tax increases are excluded, in principle. The CDU and the SPD had advocated that the overall tax burden should not rise, which implies that tax increases can be offset to a point by reductions elsewhere.

Scholz had rejected demands for relief. To promise “tax cuts, for which there is no counter-financing, is dishonest, and creates no trust,” he said at an event of the Federation of the taxpayers, and pointed to growing economic risks. The SPD had already offered in the coalition negotiations, for example, that a complete Soli-could be abolition with an increase in the top tax rate against funded.

politicians and the Union argue, however, always for tax cuts and push for a complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge in this legislature. At the latest, in the fall, the party wants to tackle the issue of tax cuts, when a Revision of the work of the coalition is in the offing.