work In Germany, significantly more migrants in the low-wage sector than in the international comparison. On average in the European Union and the countries of the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD), to be exercised in a quarter of these Jobs by immigrants. In Germany it is 40 percent. The a on the occasion of the UN migration summit in Marrakech presented integration study EU-OECD shows.

Similar values, such as Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway. In Switzerland and in Luxembourg, 60 percent of the generally low-paid Jobs are taken by immigrants. “There remains a lot to do when it comes to the development of the previously unused potential of migrants for economic and social development in the host countries,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel GuerrĂ­a.

the study, increased in the course of the past ten years, the difference in the unemployment rate of migrants and Locals. In all the countries of the EU and the OECD, the unemployment rate of migrants was higher than that of Non-migrants. The marked difference was due to the difficult economic situation in southern Europe.

The study also shows that many well-educated migrants to work in jobs for which they are actually overqualified for the position. So there are 33.2 million migrants in the OECD and eleven million in the EU, the apply is formed as a high. Of this work, therefore, to 8.1 million in the OECD, respectively, and 2.9 million in the EU in Jobs for which they are overqualified. A further seven million (OECD) and 2.4 million (EU) from this group were even unemployed. 20.4 of the 33.2 million high-educated migrants have none of your training for appropriate employment.