German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addresses the media following the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau, near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, June 28, 2022. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Between the worlds, in these times – it’s getting very uncomfortable right now. Everywhere, because of the crises, from Corona to war. And also here, in Germany, tangible for all of us. The worries increase. When the largest economy in Europe, one of the largest in the world, stutters, it logically has global repercussions. All of this puts this coalition in an unprecedented position.

That is why the matter of the consumer climate – as just one outstandingly important example – should not be overestimated. Exactly: not to OVERestimate. In other words, as expensive as life is getting in this country right now, it is depressing people’s mood. Never was less bought than now; never since such data has been collected in the first place. Any why is this the case? Because there is a war in Ukraine, not so far away, and because inflation is rising and rising.

“Disrupted supply chains” is the term associated with the problem. So: Because many are connected to many, globally, isn’t it, and production depends on it, that’s what happens when the chain breaks. Above all, energy and food prices are exploding.

That makes you afraid, and if you’re afraid, you don’t consume. In other words: if you have to spend more and more on heating and food, you buy less. Or more scholarly: Because of the high inflation, private consumption threatens to fail as an important pillar for economic growth. Bad for the economy, bad for society. What if there were another recession…

But that’s not all. The war in Ukraine is getting harder and harder these days. How to act correctly – the big question. Teach Vladimir Putin a lesson because Putin the Terrible never stops? Supply Ukraine with everything, but really everything in terms of weapons that it demands? The G7, the European Union and NATO all demand this very much. Just as an aside: In addition to climate change, which is not stopping, but is rapidly intensifying.

And our Chancellor is with the big ones, is even one of their front men. As if that weren’t enough of a common challenge, the traffic light coalition of red, green and yellow then also begins to flicker violently.

Whether it’s about the imperative need to incur more debt because of war and climate change and the ecological and economic restructuring of society – or, most recently, getting rid of the combustion engine. Keeping that, along with everything else, under control becomes tedious after a short while.

Yes, with the combustion engine it’s also about the climate and the economy, here the automotive industry and its jobs, with all the trimmings well over 800,000. And yes, the timing of an exit is not profane. By the way, not anyway, because the FDP has made a controversial issue out of it. But: the exit must be, will be.

Therefore, the Federal Government, the Federal Chancellor, should not have to use the power to settle disputes and seek compromises, which only serve the profile of a partner and the outcome of which is foreseeable. No time for vanity! Instead, the coalition must resolutely move forward together in the big things, because between the worlds, in these times, a good end is otherwise unforeseeable for all of us.