TV On the marital breakdown between Fabrizio (27), and Pommeline (25) it has been a lot of ink was shed. The two names, as the happy couple, a part of ‘the Temptation of VIPS, but halfway through the season, it was clear to me that their relationship did not hold, and for their wedding, meanwhile, was called off. On “Band Gossip”, the Dutch version of ‘that affect her On Top, ” says Fabrizio, now, as to why exactly it went wrong.

They have long been considered as the ultimate ‘Band’-do respect, but the relationship between Fabrizio and Pommeline didn’t make it. Of the two, in line with the breach by now, and had even been a hint that their romance, while taking part in ‘the ultimate relatietest in Thailand, but in the us, the country is on the verge of falling apart. Pommeline is now completely finished with her ex, to the extent that usage huge selection of Fabrizio, on her leg and now has a weglaseren.

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“too Confrontational”, says Fabrizio, now it is back to ‘Temptation is Gossip’. “I know, it’s only now, months later, what I’ve done.” After his participation continued to be Fabrizo it is too cosy to make with the good girl and Julia, which is to Pommeline and this is reason enough to doubt their engagement.“Pommeline can be the envy of all, yes, sir,” says Fabrizio, who also noted that he will have more freedom in the wild after you have moved, take part in Desire VIPS’.

Secretly agreed

“And that, ultimately, the break made”, what it sounds like. “Because in the end, I still have to secretly meet with the very best deals. I have to be very long concealed.” Fabrizio was in his own words, his feelings for Julia, unable to stop, even though he knew all too well what the consequences would be, to have a relationship with Pommeline. “As nice as it is to us, and it’s not there any more. Not only is her world shattered, but also my own. But that’s what attracted me at that time, not at all.”

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