Not found the optimal method of implantation: an experienced dental implantologist will offer at least two solutions

— Modern possibilities dentistry can help patients in the most different and the most difficult cases and make it as painless as possible, reliably and promptly, to offer various options of designs for the price and the deadlines, without imposing any “only means” convenient or beneficial to the specialist and institution — says Deputy Director of “Clinics of Pasman” stomatologist-orthopedist of the highest category, surgeon-implantologist with more than 19 years of experience Nikolai MacReady.

— If you haven’t found “my” dentist and solve, if you are not given a choice, we have something to offer, we have no limitations in prosthetics and implantation. We use all possibilities of modern implant existing in the world practice to provide patients with the option that it will be satisfied with the quality, price and aesthetics. If you were told that you can not help, we will offer at least two solutions to the problem, — says Nikolay Yu. We specializiruetsya on very difficult cases. For example, if atrophy or absence of bone when there is nowhere to put the implant, you can set zygoma implants in the zygomatic bone and to rehabilitate the patient in the first or third day after the operation to give him back a full life, able to smile, eat a healthy diet to live, not ashamed of his appearance.

— As no two people are alike, so no single sequence of actions, says Dr. MacReady. In each case we select the kind of implant and prosthesis dictated by the clinical picture, all depends on the situation, individual characteristics of the patient’s abilities and preferences. We can perform the implantation of the “all on four” (all-on-4), “all on six”, “eight in all”, “all in three” different modification of removable prosthesis with immediate loading, the implants with the implants using zygoma can perform bone grafting, can do without it, can POStavit conditionally removable or removable from the implant. We are not limited by one technique, the options that exist today for patients not considered and the patient together with the doctor decides that it is optimal.

In the past, such restrictions implantation as diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases, as in the “Clinic Pasman” is a full — fledged hospital with specialists in the 41 area of medicine, there is a possibility to pass tests, get advice, receive appropriate treatment and prepare for implantation.

— Modern technologies of diagnostics and 3D simulation let us on the stage of the survey plan and to show the patient the results of future implantation — the way in which the implant will be positioned in the jaw, what will be the slope and position relative to other teeth and will look like the orthopedic design. In this interim stage, the patient can determine the shape of the tooth, its position in the jaw and make adjustments relating to the aesthetics of a tooth — says Nikolay Yu. — Some people like round, someone pointed, someone extended someone flat teeth. Aesthetic perceptions are different, so my goal is to make sure that the design functioned correctly so that the patient can bite and chew without difficulty, and also to respect his wishes on aesthetics and submit them to program and implement. The patient, in fact, with me models your future smile. After he sees the presentation, there will be surprises, he obviously gets the expected result, taking into account his requirements for aesthetics.

Before September 1 in the “Clinic Pasman” is a special offer: implant with crown Zirconia — 45 000 rubles.*

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