Multimedia, There are five mobile phones on the market. One of them is a conventional telephone that is folded in the Nokia 2720 Flip. But other than that, the mobile Nokia programs after the turn of the century, in the early Nillies, was Nokia’s almost all-powerful in the mobile phone market, this phone is suitable for WhatsApp and Facebook.

he has Also been the Assistant of Google’s voice control. It costs 89 euros. It is not known if, and when, in our country, in the market-place.

Nokia is also presented as a robust device, the Nokia 800 is Excellent. That is, it is water – and dust-proof and resistant to extreme temperatures, it is ideal for the most demanding of workplaces, and the adventure of travel” and “military-grade”, according to Nokia. The cheap, the Nokia 110, it looks like the Nokia’s of the past.

in addition, was Nokia, with two of the larger and more luxurious smart phones, and the 6.2 is New, and 7.2, and in the middle of the market.

See also the TESTS. With the new Nokia 3310 back in the year of 2005, Nokia

all The phones are called Nokia, but they aren’t made by Nokia. That is building today’s network devices. Nokia, the Finnish parent company HMD is given permission to use the name of Nokia use to phone to phone. This is due to the history of the company. Nokia was once the most important mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but I missed the transition to smartphones is complete. In 2014, it was Nokia’s purchase by Microsoft, that resides on the mobile phone market to make. The name Nokia disappears, but the combination was not a success, and Microsoft came to Nokia, etc.)

It was then purchased by the current owner, the HMD, which is formed by the top of the old one, a Nokia. HMD, and Nokia are in the same building in the Finnish city of Espoo is located.