After the sharp criticism of the new Baltic sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 is a relaxation suggests in the gas dispute with the United States. The US Deputy Secretary of energy Dan Brouillette responded well to the plans of Germany to build liquefied gas terminals. “The Europeans have made remarkable progress in its infrastructure,” said Brouillette after a Meeting with economy Minister Peter Altmaier. Both were “on the same wave length” in the topic and shared the attitude that Germany should not be dependent on Russian Gas imports.

The US government had repeatedly argued against the planned Baltic sea Pipeline, because they want to sell more liquefied natural gas from the USA to Europe.

Altmaier said, the Federal government. with the U.S. government a “very good dialogue” about the construction of LNG terminals in Germany, in order to diversify the Supply “That means more supply security in Europe.” Germany wanted to have “at any time sufficient energy at affordable prices,” said Altmaier. The hot, that Germany had also an interest in the Nord Stream project 2 a reality.

Brouillette said the U.S. government had nothing against the fact that Russia is a gas supplier. The USA was also against pipeline projects. Washington, but to prevent dependence on Russia, which will be perceived by Europe as a threat. The question earlier threatened U.S. sanctions against North Stream 2, he dodged.

USA announce price reductions

Nord Stream 2 is already built to be a part of and is expected to end in 2019. The 1,200-Kilometer long pipeline through the Baltic sea, then to transport annually up to 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to Germany. The United States had criticized the project repeatedly.

The U.S. Deputy energy Minister also announced a reduction in prices for American liquefied natural gas. Currently, there is on the US East coast, three LNG terminals for Export. “Soon we could have but ten,” said Brouillette. Therefore, the U.S. government expect a decline in prices. The United States wanted to sell Gas in Europe. In the process, but other liquefied natural gas could compete with suppliers such as Qatar. In any case, the development and discussion is good for European consumers Because of the Russian gas company Gazprom had already lowered its prices so that Pipeline Gas is cheaper than Liquid gas gas constant.

the beginning of the week, Altmaier, and Brouillette had declared that it had been in a dispute about Nord Stream 2 “no Deal” between the two governments and that Germany regrets the concerns of the United States against the Pipeline with the purchase of liquefied gas from the USA, the atomizer.