In the dispute over new rules for pipeline projects such as Nord Stream 2, the European Commission has made with the countries of the EU and the European Parliament a provisional agreement. The EU informed the Commission. Thus, the Russian state company Gazprom is allowed to operate the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, but must reckon with restrictions. The provisional agreement must still be formally approved by the Council of the member countries and by the European Parliament, before the Gas can be permanently changed.

The EU Commission had already proposed in 2017, with a view to Nord Stream 2 is a Modification of the EU Gas Directive. Accordingly, the Pipelines of a third country should be subject to in the European Union the same requirements as pipelines in the EU. So, among other things, ownership and operation may not lie in a Hand. Germany wanted to prevent that, but agreed to an open quarrel with France last week, in the circle of the countries of the EU rules is the principle, but with a few special.

This should according to the information from the negotiation circles even after the compromise with the negotiators of the European Parliament apply. The rules allowed it, that Germany alone could decide on exceptions, it was said by the parties Involved. The Commission should examine agreements between governments, but in advance.

Nord Stream 2 is already built to be a part of and is expected to end in 2019. The 1,200-Kilometer long pipeline through the Baltic sea, then to transport annually up to 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to Germany.

a member of The Green and negotiator Reinhard Bütikofer had insisted before the decisive round of Negotiations on strict EU rules. “There can be no shared European energy law and no special rights for Gazprom and Nord Stream 2,” said Bütikofer. The Parliament is going to make sure that the EU Gas Directive is to be applied on Nord Stream 2 and no loopholes would arise.

USA is planning to completion of the Pipeline

a number of EU-to prevent States and the United States are opposed to the project. On Tuesday, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had renewed his criticism of the Pipeline. The United States and denounced Russia’s influence in Europe, and also have economic interests in the sale of its liquid gas LNG in Europe.

Russia’s Ambassador Sergei Nechaev has criticized the diplomatic pressure, the United States the construction of the Pipeline Nord Stream 2 just before completion to prevent. The warnings of the United States in front of a Russian “energy weapon” to be disingenuous and brims with contradictions, said Nechayev, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. “It is hard to believe that a country that ruined the rules of free and fair trade, assigned duties to its competitors with imports, the Slogan ‘America First’ writes on its banners, and the largest European corporations open with illegal sanctions, threatening now really to European interests,” said the Ambassador. He took a joint letter to several U.S. ambassadors in Europe to German firms.

The U.S. government is not to protect Europe from Russia, but to push a “competitors to the side, and European consumers expensive LNG from America to impose,” said Nechayev. LNG is harmful to the environment and could not compete in a fair competition.

The Ambassador has reminded, that Russia in Europe serves for decades with Gas. This would make imports due to Germany’s exit from nuclear and coal – fired power more important in the future.