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“Hannibal,” read replied apply to the potential donor promptly. Donations for the club can be Uniter tax-deductible? To those of the Association so that plays in to the extreme right network an important role, according to research, among other things, the “taz” on the “day X”, and the best relationships in different security agencies.

On 27. February 2019 to 15.51 at Hannibal writes in the Tagesspiegel to this E-Mail: “Until now, everyone could use our donation receipts and also to the office to submit. We are a non-profit Association according to German law. Works so! Best regards, your back-office.”

active law favored radical so for tax purposes? The head of the extreme-right network to be André S., a former soldier in the special forces command (KSK) in Baden-Württemberg, equipped with good contacts to the Military counterintelligence service (MAD). As the deck name is Hannibal. As Vice-chair of the Uniter, he ran under the cover name of chat groups, where members – including former and active members of special units, including the scenario of a collapse of the political order in Germany. Investigations to run. At the beginning of February, the SWR reported, citing an informant from the ranks of the KSK in Calw, at the Uniter, there is a “hard core of 80 to 100 people” that have created weapons depots.

The Stuttgart-based club Uniter, with its claims to approximately 1800 members of the self-deny, to be a shadow army. He does not want to be the extreme right. A community of former elite soldiers and police officers supported each other and the soldiers to help in the Transition to civilian life, is to be established, an Association Executive explains. On Tuesday, the press team of the Association, said: “Uniter is in contrast to Attac, not politically active, and our non-profit status at any time to the tax authorities to their satisfaction.” The assertion, that Uniter to the right-wing radicalism is attributable to the Association, the organization “decided”.

tax secret prevents transparency

In the articles of Association reads: “Within the structures of the Uniter not a radical or extremist tendencies will be tolerated.” Uniter is meant to be a “non-political, independent and nondenominational merger”. As the Association’s purpose Uniter is the “promotion of continuing vocational education and training”. With this Statute, the Association at the tax office Stuttgart reached the recognition as a “non-profit”. Donations are tax deductible. The baden-württemberg Ministry of Finance is in reference to the tax secret is any information to the Association. It is unclear whether the tax authorities in Baden-Württemberg, an examination of the tax treatment of the Uniter.

baden-württemberg’s Green member of the state Parliament, Alexander Maier, spokesman of his group for strategies against right-wing extremism, says the daily mirror: “It cannot be that the charitable status of Attac repealed or the German environmental aid as a non-profit organization is questioned. And on the other side of the Uniter can switch as a non-profit Association and exercise, although this grouping is suspected to have a right-wing shadow army established.” Maier calls: “This is a dubious and dangerous underground network needs to be illuminated in a comprehensive Review, as a matter of urgency.”

people who have access to weapons, and their commitment to the free democratic basic order in doubt, constituted a safety problem, says the Green politician.

The Left member of the German Bundestag Martina Renner asks as Uniter of all the non-profit could receive. She tells the daily mirror: “While Attac, the Association of the Persecutees of the Nazi regime (VVN) and other associations of democratic civil society are threatened by a number of financial offices, quasi-existence, the extreme right have a free Hand.” Renner further explains: “The club Uniter seems to be not only of the rights of soldiers from the KSK, and is said to have planned a coup. There were even proven Links to a suspected terrorist. I can’t help but get the impression that the authorities look the other way, consciously or not someone has reasons to keep his protective Hand over Uniter, Hannibal and co..”

The VVN had announced at the end of February, that you are of different financial would threaten offices in North Rhine-Westphalia, with the withdrawal of charitable status because the organization mentioned in the Bavarian constitutional protection report as the left extreme.