Turnhout, belgium: “No, I can’t play the guitar.” The answer should be, Jimmy, Hendrickx, from Turnhout in belgium a couple of times a week, and when he himself does it. His father was a big fan of the well-known guitarist-with – a- modifier – of the same name. “If I have to, pizzas to order, they are not ready. Because they think it’s a joke,” says Jimmy Hendricks.

whether Or not the jokes about his name after all these years, still not tired of hearing? No, no, far from it. His name will carry him to places where he would have a ‘normal’ name, but he didn’t. So it was that Jimmy Hendricks at the end of last week to be invited to ‘take the Job & Anke, the ochtendshow on the radio, Joe. “As a result of the SUMMIT, in 2000, they sought the people, who are named after a well-known artist out of the TOP of 2000,” says Jimmy Hendricks, from Turnhout, belgium. “I got a phone call from a program officer asking me to Jimi Hendrix, ben was named. And that’s the case, my father was a huge fan. At the show were Sven Ornelis and, Anke Buckinx me to ask questions and to guess what my name is.”

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by Jimmy Hendrickx works as an office manager at Forum Jobs, but because of the combination of the first name and last name, everybody puts in the link to the rock star and the gitaarvirtuoos and Jimi Hendrix. Just about every day, there will be a comment on the name.

I did not have a listing of the Koopjeskrant. When I was introduced as Jimmy Hendricks said, of the person, “and I’m Elvis presley,” and he put the phone down.

Jimmy Hendricks

I work for an employment agency, so I have to go. Almost every day I get a comment about my name,” says Jimmy. “You know, I am the one who remarks or jokes will not get tired of. On the contrary, I now make use of them. Recently, I had to remind myself is extended to propose an event. I started out by saying, ” I am Jimmy Hendricks. However, I can’t play the guitar or sing. That is why I am starting to recruit.’ So, am I to be one step ahead.”
– Pizza

Nevertheless, Jimmy Hendricks and all the disadvantages of his name for the money. It happens at times that people will not believe him or think that he has them in the wings will take it. “I have to agree, pizza is ordered. I told you my name, and was told that the pizza twenty minutes later, it would have been. When I got the pizza to go, there were no pizzas ready. She had not even been made. Then she called Jimmy Hendricks heard it, they thought I was a joke and wanted to lash out,” says Jimmy.

“And in the past I have once more responded to an advertisement in the Koopjeskrant. When I was introduced as Jimmy Hendricks said, and the person on the other end of the line, ” I’m Elvis’. Then he put the phone down.”

as well as Jimmy Hendricks got the Job, and Anke van and Joe in the past couple of days though, James Brown, Falco, and Roxette on the floor of their studio.