In Roeselare, The events surrounding the bankruptcy of the KSV Roeselare is also a lot of confusion among the youth groups of the club. Even though the first team yesterday morning, on his own responsibility, however, the pitch for a training session approached, we were in the players from the U10 to be safe. She had on one of dad’s boksinitiatie in West Boxing Club.

While the curator is Yves François, a noted that, within the clubs, nothing would happen, it was the first team on Tuesday anyway for a workout. “Not to be the responsibility of the trustee, and, therefore, after consultation, decide that they are among the 10 that is a risk that they would not take it,” says papa, Dominiek Dejonghe, whose son, Arno, and, at KSVR for him. “It doesn’t seem to be that their match on Sunday against Anderlecht, played as it may be, but the boys are still fit to keep up, I have proposed an alternative to the training in my Lead of this Boxing Club is to be organized. The coaches felt it was a good idea, and it is a good signal that we have with our youth players are concerned about.” And it came to pass. Wednesday evening came and the players at the club, rather than the balls-to-fit, and movement of people to practice the basic skills of the bokskunst has to offer. KSV Roeselare may be a while, ko, the youth continues to advance the focus.