they had, it is not always easy, the guests at the Political ash Wednesday in the Tennis and Squash Center in Demmin. Over the years they listened to a keynote speaker, at the time, the Band had the greatest trouble to find the spot where you should place a flourish. Because: There was no Gag, when Angela Merkel said to the foolish house.

Now, however, the Chancellor has – a further step in the control of their political inheritance – this is the date of the new CDU party boss Kamp Annegret-Karrenbauer bequeathed. And demonstrated in front of about 800 guests as a natural talent in terms of pithy speech. Punch Line, Laughter, Applause.

Rustic entry

Kramp-Karrenbauer presented itself – black suit, orange-red blouse – in a highly serious, almost a festive Outfit, a rose but rustic, as you addressed the criticism of her Gag. She was happy about people being discussed. But if some people saw the carnival only as an occasion to complain, to have fun, instead of lost something, to scold you. And if in the future every word on the gold balance will, then an important piece of culture is lost, and “a piece of Tradition in Germany is broken”.

she scoffed briefly about kindergartens that prohibit the Small of misunderstood political correctness, native American costumes. “My impression is that We have no real problems in our country.” Then the speaker turned to the political situation in the world. The audience in the hall had you been on your side.

“AKK” misunderstood

For years, AKK swirls “” in the carnival. Her performances as a cleaning lady Gretel are a cult in the Saarland. But one thing was pretty much in place, as you spoke at your Stockach-based defense speech from the third gender and about the toilets, quipped “for the men who still don’t know whether or not you may still have to stand when you pee or sit. – In-between – is this toilet.” The gags, many of them found the mark. The Chairman of the lesbians and Gays in the Union (LSU), Alexander Vogt, calls by the party Chairman an apology.

Kramp-Karrenbauer today made it clear: she feels misunderstood. You have emphasized is not about the third sex, a minority, funny want to make, but about the “emasculation of the CDU”, the Chairman. Who look at records from the entire appearance in Stockach, could see that.

And then, the 56-Year-old delivered a highly political speech. On the protection of external borders in Europe, good environmental policy beyond the “discipline” – with a Democrat Regards to the Green. She exhorted the automobile industry to place more for diesel drivers. You defended the plans to the copyright. Above all they distinguished themselves again and again, sharp, sometimes snappy of the SPD.

talk with two messages

To the debate on the basic pension, the CDU-Chairman stressed: “We want people who have worked all their lives, have at the end of the working life more than those that have not worked.” The waiver of the means test but they gave a clear rejection. You have the impression of etched Kramp-Karrenbauer, the SPD will try to “make to the needy, half of the Republic, because they hope to be elected”. And The SPD stressed: “We are soldiers”. In the case of specific funding for defence Federal Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) expenditure but cover.

the party Chairman, placed while in between a Gag (“When you talk about artificial intelligence, you have in one or the other feeling: A little natural intelligence would be nice, too”), but the bottom line is that they offered a political backlash with pithy interjections.

the debut of Saar countries came in Demmin-to-speech with two messages. Contents: the flight height of a Chancellor. Style: Ash Wednesday-Folklore.

“AKK” soon as the head of government?

If this woman comes in one of their next rounds in Demmin as the head of government? Angela Merkel has held over the years, Demmin the Loyalty with himself. Because you presented stubborn in their universal speech, with the set pieces from the Canon of “The-other-in-the-world-the-also-not-sleeping” or “The-digitisation-in-General-and-in-the-current-Special”. The carnival Abstinenzlerin Merkel indulged in as to ash Wednesday, never foolish Verbal nightcap or pointed against political rivals, but tightly pulled your speaker skills standard program. The host you want.

remained as the only Episode of this appointment-dance of many, only those supposedly funny scene in memory, as a young waiter is the most important woman in the world Accidentally five Beers in the back of the neck klippte. The listeners in Demmin thanked the Chancellor in distant Berlin, a “High life”.

And the new no 1 in the CDU? Two older gentlemen, already a bit frail, left in a good mood in the hall in Demmin. “Only the name of the woman, I can’t remember me still,” says one. The other said: “I also not. The say all the ACC.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit AKK Green outraged with carnival saying about “third gender”