At the top of Nintendo of America, a Bowser is soon calculated. President of the US company, part of the Nintendo but it is not the game’s villain with this name, but the Manager Doug Bowser.

“I’ll hand over the Controller to Doug Bowser,” says the former President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, in a video message on Twitter. It means that Bowser would take over the Post in April.

Fils-Aimé, who was at the game, fans of the popular and nicknamed as the “Regginator” was thanked in the Clip for the support of the Nintendo trailers. He had been 15 years at Nintendo, says Fils-Aimé. In the future, he will spend more time with his wife, his family and his friends.

Doug Bowser

his successor, said Fils-Aimé, this was a passionate and strong leader: “And I ask you: With a name like Bowser, who should better hold the keys to the Nintendo-castle?” Doug Bowser was previously sales and marketing chief at Nintendo of America.

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