A music video tinged with thinly veiled provocations set fire to the powders among the gangs of Saint-Léonard and Anjou and could have led to the murder of Khaled Mouloudj, 18 years old. The March 19 homicide is believed to be rooted in a violent conflict that has claimed the lives of at least two other young men over the past two years.

Khaled Mouloudj, killed in the evening by shots fired from a moving car in the Anjou sector, close to his home, was part of a clique linked to the street gang STL, initials designating the gangs of rue de Saint-Leonard. As armed conflicts flare up in this area of ​​eastern Montreal, it is a rap music video released two days before the murder that would have set the powder on fire.

“Khaled and his guys released a clip where they disrespect the entire Anjou sector and several deaths from this conflict,” a criminal source told us.

“You better have the same energy when you take your last breath in front of your creator”, “The beat hasn’t aged well, there’s still time to delete it”, “left side mandown next one Freeze”, could we still read on Friday. In this last comment, we directly refer to the murder of Khaled Mouloudj (mandown), in addition to indicating that another member of his group will be next (next one).

None of the comments had been taken down by Instagram or YouTube at the time of posting.

Nicknamed Kash, Khaled Mouloudj had no criminal record as an adult, but remained known to the police. “He is a member of EGK, a new group created between guys from Saint-Leonard,” a criminal source told us. She requested anonymity to avoid reprisals.

The initials “EGK” mean nothing to ordinary people. In the criminal underworld, they conjure up a sinister slogan: Everybody Gets Killed.

The murder of Khaled Mouloudj, alias Kash, could set fires to gangs in the area. The 18-year-old victim who was shot and killed was hanging out with “older influencers” despite his young age.

Shots rang out last week in the direction of two young men known to the police in Saint-Léonard, rue Albanel. The event caused no injuries, but a bullet impact was located on the window of a residence. Police believe the shootings could be linked to the murder of Khaled Mouloudj. The shots are not considered a response at this stage of the investigation, according to a police source.

“The conflict is new, but it’s [already] reached a point where guys aren’t even shooting real criminals. They take people who are around to score, “says one of our criminal sources.

The sectors of Saint-Léonard and Anjou are at war, in addition to being sometimes the scene of some personal conflicts between the 141 and the 192. Add to that a conflict still ongoing between the gangs of Saint-Michel and Saint-Leonard.

“Guys 141” and those associated with 192 are part of the Saint-Léonard gangs. They are also displayed by the initials STL (Saint-Léonard).

Once on good terms, they are now opponents. When the dispute escalated, everyone was forced to choose sides, criminal sources tell us. These young people “know their enemies very well”, according to our sources.

The origin of the discord between STL and Anjou, or at least what would have escalated things, would be the murder of Walid Meddane in January 2021. “WaWa”, a member of an Anjou gang named ANJOU BLOCK 4, had been shot in the early morning near the Joliette metro station. Meddane was also linked, according to police, to the AWA (Arabs With Attitude) criminal group, which later split following his death, creating further micro-conflicts.

This still unsolved homicide would be at the origin of several armed events on the territory. “It’s not uncommon to hear guys say, yo we’re gonna go to their area and the first curly-haired Arab gets turned on,” a criminal source said.

Khaled Mouloudj would have insulted Walid Meddane on the Snapchat application shortly before falling under the bullets. He would also be present – ​​hooded – in the incendiary music video.

The murder of “Kash” is also believed to be related to that of Hani Ouahdi, alias Dzairy. The 20-year-old young man was shot in the borough of Anjou in December 2021. He was not known to the police, but was seen by criminals in the company of gang members from Anjou in the pass.

“Basically we [STL and Anjou] were friends. But WaWa’s murder blew it all up,” our source says.

A conflict would have arisen the day of the murder of Walid Meddane. A trivial lack of respect from Meddane, killed at 26. “They shot him on the spot. »

Like several unsolved homicides linked to conflicts between gangs, the suspect and his entourage quickly become “targets”, multiplying the shootings in the streets of the metropolis.

These young gang members from Anjou and Saint-Léonard got rich quick at a young age. This makes them more arrogant, confrontational and difficult to control, say our law enforcement sources. How do they make their money? A bit of everything: robbery, but mostly auto theft. “It’s the new fashion,” says a source who revolves around the underworld.

Saint-Michel (JFP or Octogone) against Saint-Léonard (STL, 192, 141, EGK)

Anjou against Saint-Leonard (STL, 192, 141, EGK)

Several murders have marked the minds of young gang members over the past three years. They remain unsolved, intensifying the thirst for revenge and impunity for gang-related criminals, our sources believe.

Duckerns Pierre Clermont, alias Young Wolf (Villeray sector)

Walid Meddane, alias WaWa (secteur Anjou)

Jesse Dave Chatelier, alias G Baby (Montreal North sector)