Knowing He has died, now about 5.300 years ago, but it is the way that it came to an end, it is still a popular research topic for many researchers: Ötzi ” the ijsman was in 1991, as a frozen mummy found in the Alps, and in the new research, published in the tijdschriftPLOS ONE, it shows how he was sick of the palsy.

from A lethal focus, the ijsman approximately 5.300 years ago, it proved to be fatal. Presumably it was the feeling of boundless freedom, it is the victim of an ambush, and he was at a distance of about a hundred feet and killed.And, just before his death, nuttigde the (rather heavy) meal consisting of fat, meat, vegetables, and vines. These were the researchers in the previous studies, it’s always nice to learn about the life of Ötzi, the ijsman. And, thanks to recent research we now know how the last itinerary of Ötzi looked like.

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And that was quite impressive according to the research of some scientists at the University of Glasgow. As they write in their study that the ijsman through Schnalstal, or in italy, Val Senales, pulled out prior to he’s in the Ötztal Alps, where he was named, was reached. Maybe he did it in less obvious way, since he’s on the trail, it was in a few of the enemies.


To add to that, to come to this conclusion, looked to the researchers, this time not only the remains of the mummy, but also the flowers, which he brought to both intended and accidental. The focus is mainly on the mosses and liverworts: as many as 75 different species, of which about 23 occur in the area where Ötzi was found. The rest of the mosses growing in the nearby valley of the Schnalstal, which is mainly frequented by skiers.

from The flora were mainly found in the gastrointestinal tract of the ijsman. “No,” said James Dickson, professor emeritus, professor archeobotanica at the University of Glasgow and lead author of the study. “For moss, it is not tasty or nutritious.”

Probably wanted to use the ijsman the moss, not eat it, but he took it for medicinal purposes, such as the reason of the research. Moss absorbs it, after all, is pretty good, so it’s likely to be used for wounds, to cover them, and even, perhaps, to be the meat in a wrap, in an effort to keep it fresh.

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