This Flap to inaugurate the celebrations organized in the framework of the Week of the francophonie, the secretary general of the international Organization of the francophonie (OIF), Louise Mushikiwabo, has welcomed the 15 march, the role played by Morocco in support of Africa and Africans. “The return of the kingdom within the african Union, as well as the royal speech that the sovereign gave on this occasion, makes Africa stronger and promotes better decision making in the interest of the african peoples on the international stage,” she said on this occasion. Expressing his gratitude to Morocco for its support to Africa and its constant desire to contribute to the market development of the african brothers “.

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Morocco, a leader in the field of the integration…

In fact, it is clear that if, today, the egyptian president al-Sissi, and before him, his predecessor at the head of the african Union, Rwandan Paul Kagame, under the mandate, which was ratified in November 2018, the agreement ushering in the establishment of a free trade zone mainland (ZLECA), multiplies the speeches in favour of greater intra-african cooperation, Morocco has been, to this level, precursor. In the speech, as in the facts. Evidenced by his weight in the direct investment in africa, as well as the presence of a dozen of moroccan companies among the companies champions of integration. These are the conclusions of the latest report of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), ” One Africa : the economic integration of the continent is accelerating under the impulse of the champions of africa “. In its study, the BCG list of 150 companies that are pioneers that pave the way for a stronger integration. They consist for half of the companies of african origin and, to a other half, multinational corporations established for a long time on the continent. The pioneers of african come from 19 countries, South Africa and Morocco in the lead. Among them, the group Attijariwafa Bank, which operates in 25 countries of the continent, and appears, through, among other things, the Club Africa development, a showcase of south-South cooperation, morocco-african. Which does not date from yesterday…

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…, a number of initiatives to better take root in sub-saharan Africa

” Morocco is a tree whose roots are rooted in Africa but breathes through its leaves in Europe “, had been declared by late king Hassan II, in 1986, laying the pillars of what would become the african strategy of the kingdom. Which would be taken up and accelerated by his successor, Mohammed VI. In real VRP, it will multiply the number of tours to african, with in its luggage the champions moroccans, players in the know-how of the moroccan put at the service of its african peers… and funding ! Result, in a few years, the balance sheet is tangible : the country is past the first investor in French-speaking Africa ; it has established agreements with twenty countries of the continent, which include the transfer of know-how ; and its diplomatic influence on the continent is confirmed by its return within the african Union. Instead of stopping there, the Morocco, which seeks to push the input to the Ecowas continues to expand its continental and was standing with one foot in English-speaking Africa, East Africa, in particular, the new economic powerhouse of continental and more than ever in the viewfinder of the kingdom. According to a scheme which has focused its first phase of expansion : the king sets the direction, Al Mada (ex-SNI, caisse royale become an investment fund) invests in the champions moroccans who are going to deploy on the ground, the RAM opens up the way in ensuring that the air link – the company ensures to this day thirty destinations in Africa, among the latest Nairobi ; and the national banks to ensure their rear, Morocco-Export, become the Amdie, continuing with his caravan yearly to “sell” the made in Morocco… And this is where the latest trend of the african adventure in Morocco : for a long time limited to the national champions that revolve around the seraglio, it is today also shared by SMES, start-ups, and other actors in the scene private of morocco, which revolve around these champions, and are involved in the promotion of the expertise of moroccan. Expertise that diversifies and enriches. After the agro-business, tourism, security, a plethora of services, it is now the industry which is growing in power through an ambitious strategy of development of the local production.

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A Moroccan inspired

A system which has made of Morocco a reference, some dare the word “model” in Africa with roadmaps such as the green Morocco Plan, which inspired the French-speaking area, and success stories with global reach such as the solar power plant Noor. At the heart of this ” model “, the south-South cooperation. Champion of regional integration, it is consolidating its base in continental, while expanding its international partnerships (european Union, USA, China…). Casablanca, a financial platform in the direction of Africa, has emerged as the hub between Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa ,while Marrakech hosts the largest international conference and pan-african, including COP22… More than ever, Morocco is asserting itself as an african leader !

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A win-win partnership ?

the fact Remains that, in this now “précarré moroccan” moroccan is interesting. Recently, the senegalese civil society has stepped up to the plate in demanding of elements on the agreements signed, at the palace, between Mohammed VI and Macky Sall, “transparency” according to the associations. Beyond civil society, they are the economic actors of the area who denounce the deal unfair. “The moroccan banking sector is inaccessible to banks in côte d’ivoire, senegal or gabon so that they are directly confronted about their own market by their counterparts in morocco. The deal is not as win-win as it is presented…, ” laments an actor of a bank pan. Of the criticisms which are emerging as Morocco says. The price of success, no doubt…

to Do with the pressure of the internal reality in the country

Except that, on the internal level also, the new economic reality raises frustrations. Because the kingdom does not escape the social tension that is experienced by many countries of the continent that poverty is still substantial, the rate of unemployment, especially young people, always so and that a successful macro-economic has not yet reached all spheres of the population. More than ever, the images of the king in Africa, arouse anger and disapproval, while sub-saharan immigration, always difficult in the kingdom despite advances in legislation, is poorly experienced.

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“there’s a form of impatience, that the events of the Rif have signed up as a warning,” noted a local journalist. The response to the popular movement that has shaken this region of the north of the country, brutal, has been a bad experience for this new generation of frames made in Morocco, which evolve far from the inner circle and its privileges, and would like to see the country change… and fast ! “The success stories of the moroccan tend to forget that this is still a conservative country, with a king clearly ahead of its time. On the social side, with all the measures in favour of women, for examples, all of which represent real advances , and regional, with his pan-africanism displayed, far from being that of the façade. The king of Morocco is deeply african. “And the displays. The image of this photo that has made the rounds of social networks where we see the sovereign shirt in wax at the sides of a couturier. Images far from have pleased within the kingdom, where the “simplicity” of the king bother… just as much as the conspicuous wealth of the elite. Yet far from being new. “Today, it bothers clearly…” This social component undermine the moroccan model.

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“Morocco is ahead, very quickly, and we jostled all”

Without return to its dimension as an actor now must of the african scene. “Anyway, whether we like it or we don’t like, the reality is there : on the internal level as on the continental level, the Morocco advance, very quickly, and we jostled all, judge a minister of côte d’ivoire. Of course they are doing business in Africa, but like the French, the Chinese, the Turks. The difference is in the transfer of skills that they incorporate systematically in each deal. It is that fact that their model works. “And add :” Morocco invites us to a new pan-africanism and door a call, through the various speeches of the king, to the south-South cooperation, less ideological and more pragmatic, which corresponds to a request expressed by our people today. Kagame has taken up the theme, and today the egyptian president also called for african solidarity. And it is so much better. Our future lies in our ability to work together, between african countries. “A way in which Morocco plays undoubtedly a role of locomotive.

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