The workers in Germany have made in the past few years, more and more Overtime. This is clear from the response of the Federal government to an inquiry of the left faction in the Bundestag. Accordingly, the number of Overtime hours per employee increased an average of 48 in the year 2016 to 53.2 in the last year – an increase of almost eleven percent. In 2015, there were 47,3 Overtime. Only about half of the Overtime hours per employee have been paid. The data comes from the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB) in Nuremberg.

The Left-in the labour market politician Jessica Tatti sees urgent need for action. “The Figures are a scandal and disclose that many employers are enriching on the backs of their employees,” she told the Rheinische Post. For companies, the pay. Alone in the year 2017, you would have saved more than 36 billion euros, because the workers working Overtime had done at zero cost.

the German trade Union Federation (DGB) is alerted. “The number of Overtime hours worked has reached in 2017 an unbearable level and a high health risk for the employees”, said DGB chief Reiner Hoffmann of the newspaper. A real scandal is the fact that half of the Overtime will not be paid.