The animals, The devastating storm Dorian has come to an End in addition to the more than 40 people’s lives is also quite a lot of dierenlevens is required. An animal rescue in the Grand Final, it lost more than 220 dogs and 50 cats to choose from.

When a hurricane Hotel last week, to land on the island of Grand Bahama, were in the animal shelters of the Humane Society in Freeport as many as 300 dogs and 100 cats. Six of the employees have remained that night in order for the animals to keep safe during the natural disaster.

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But the storm was much more powerful, and vernielzuchtiger than they could have ever imagined.Swirling water, they have a ferocious way. There was no getting away from it, the water rose so snel.De the employees did everything they could and succeeded in a lot of animals to save the day. For a 270 and the other animal was too late.

Clean the Tip, and Elizabeth Burrows and continue to be totally broken in the back. They were just like so many other Bahamanen do not expect that the Hotel is so brutal it would lash out. In addition, it would be their strengths, and especially the elevated building, and the storm is still well able to cope with?So, the water came in, and with cans of beer. “We have had several heavy storms, and stood the without, any floods,” says Hint Water at the Miami Herald. “Now, the water began suddenly to gush. The existing staff members to describe it as a wild river.”