Europe’s Finance Ministers have agreed on a Reform of the currency Union. The tweeted the spokesperson of Euro-groups-chief Mário Centeno, as well as Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz. “What lasts long, becomes finally good. After nearly 16 hours of negotiations in the Eurogroup, we have a result – a good,” wrote SPD politician. “The Euro reform is progressing decisive steps.” Details to be announced soon.

The European Finance Ministers have been negotiating since Monday on the Reform. In particular, in order to better protect the monetary Union from the effects of Bank failures and a strengthening of the Euro rescue Fund, the ESM. Was also advise a especially requested by France’s own budget for the Eurozone. Germany and France want to impose a joint compromise proposal, the controversial digital tax in Europe.

Italy announces new budget

Agreed, the Finance Ministers of the Eurozone in the budget dispute with Italy, to evaluate the budget plans as a violation of the European stability rules. “We share Commission with the evaluation of the EU-and recommend that Italy takes the measures necessary to the stability and growth Pact,” it said in a statement, the Minister of the round, which was already released in the night.

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte subsequently announced in an interview with the newspaper Avvenire, “in the next few hours, a new budget”. The EU avoid the excessive deficit procedure, to provide this new proposal is likely to have a lower deficit than previously planned, said Conte, to mention without more Details.

The Meeting of Eurozone Finance Ministers was devoted mainly to the preparation of the next EU summit on 13. and 14. December want to take in Brussels, the heads of state and government of the EU member States to have appropriate resolutions.