(Montreal) Members of the collective Mothers at the front gathered Sunday noon to mark the first anniversary of their weekly demonstrations in front of the Montreal offices of the Prime Minister, François Legault, and to demand increased government action in the face of the climate crisis.

The group celebrated its 51st demonstration held in front of the Sherbrooke Street building since April 4. Every Sunday, mothers, grandmothers, children and allies voiced their concerns about environmental issues and wrote messages on the sidewalk in chalk, inviting political decision-makers to take action to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ).

Mothers at the front calls, among other things, for a 65% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, an objective taken from the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Andréanne Grimard, who started the movement of weekly rallies, said in an interview that the initiative was born out of a “sense of urgency” and that it was intended to pressure the Prime Minister for Quebec to adopt climate policies. concrete and lasting.

The collective brings together some thirty active groups across the province and carries out mobilization, education and awareness-raising activities in favor of environmental protection.