Gewitter, Unwetter, Wolken, Sonne, Regen, Gefahr, Wind, Skyline, Berlin, rot, gelb, orange, dramatisch, Dramatik, Wechsel, Wetter, Wetterwechsel, hell, dunkel Aufziehendes Gewitter über Berlin teilt Skyline in hell und dunkel Thunderstorm Storm Clouds Sun Rain Danger Wind Skyline Berlin Red Yellow Orange dramatically Drama Exchange Weather Weather changes Bright dark Aufziehendes Thunderstorm above Berlin shares Skyline in Bright and dark

With a view to the weather, people in Berlin and Brandenburg can expect a mixed weekend.

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As a spokeswoman for the German Weather Service said, Saturday will start with showers and thunderstorms, and heavy rain is also possible in some cases. Around noon the clouds lift and it’s getting increasingly clear.

On Saturday it will be a maximum of 25 degrees. In the night to Sunday it clears up further, it stays dry and the temperatures drop to 10 degrees.