Military equipment has damaged the asphalt on Lenin square. The mayor answered the question, who's gonna fix it (guess the answer)

Today, June 24, on Lenin square in Novosibirsk held a military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in world war II. At the Central square of the city drove heavy military equipment (in particular, the T-72 tank with metal tracks), which left a deep dent in the asphalt.

Reporters asked the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot, who will repair the asphalt? He said that the repair of the road surface is not needed.

— And there is no need to fix it. Asphalt in good condition. If you shot it in a couple of days after completing the training, here the same situation. If need be, if there are (damage — Approx.ed), so will fix it. And who among us is repairing the pavement in the city? Another question, the mayor asked the journalists.