(Washington) Canada is teaming up with the United States and Spain to create legal avenues for migrants and ease the burden of irregular migration to North America.

A joint statement released by the three countries says Canada is exploring ways to expand its Temporary Foreign Worker Program in the agricultural sector.

Ottawa is also considering allowing more Latin American migrants displaced for humanitarian and economic reasons, and promoting employment opportunities with small and medium-sized businesses.

This joint statement comes as the United States actively prepares for the impending end of “Title 42”, a pandemic-era measure that has been turning away asylum seekers on public health grounds since March 2020. The state of health emergency in the United States is due to expire on May 11.

In anticipation of the end of “Title 42”, also on May 11, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday its intention to deploy an additional 1,500 troops to the US-Mexico border to support customs and border protection activities.

The United States plans to increase the number of visas issued to Central American migrants by 25% in the current fiscal year and by 10% in 2024.