CDU leader Friedrich Merz has called on the federal government to take a more resolute course in the new security situation caused by the Russian war against Ukraine.

He sees that the coalition does not sufficiently meet the self-imposed claim of creating a “turning point in time”, said the chairman of the Union faction to the magazine “Der Spiegel”. “The word is now in the room without consequences and unrelated.” Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) does not keep the flight level that he took on February 27 with his government declaration after the beginning of the war.

Merz admitted: “The current situation is probably the second greatest challenge that a chancellor can ever face, after a war on his own territory.” That’s why he allowed himself to point out one or two weaknesses and ambiguities. That is his job as leader of the opposition.

A strategic realignment of security interests in a comprehensive sense is necessary, said Merz. This could lead to Germany having to assume greater responsibility in the EU and NATO.