The Deutsche Bank Board has approved an Insider, according to informal discussions with Commerzbank. A Fusion of the two houses should be considered, said a the process Person familiar with the Agency Reuters. Previously, the world had reported on Sunday about it. The sheet that it had already given to the first unofficial contacts in a very small round. These were not, however, have been in a notifiable stage. The German Bank like Commerzbank refused to take an official position.

the merger, by far the largest German money house. In an international comparison, this new Bank would be but still a company with a small to average size.

As the world reported, responded both banks of the talks to pressure from Berlin. The Federal government is expecting a decision in the coming weeks. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) had always stressed the importance of a strong major German Bank. The Federal government is involved since the financial crisis of 2007, the Commerzbank and currently holds over 15 percent of their shares. Scholz’s Secretary of state, Jörg Kukies, a former investment banker from Goldman Sachs, is regarded as a proponent of a merger. Berlin fears that it could be after the European elections end of may, new majorities in Brussels, which could block the project.

merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank is seen, according to the world in Frankfurt am Main as the last remaining opportunity to strengthen the German banking sector. Should this not succeed, would be taken over by Commerzbank, probably by a foreign buyer. Observers also fear that the German Bank could face in the event of a crisis in a difficulty in view of the strong crash of the stock.

the decision of The Deutsche Bank management Board fell to the Insider, a long time ago. The system was still in a very early stage. A mandate of the Supervisory Board for the chief of Deutsche Bank, Christian Sewing, there is, however, reported: a Person from the environment of the control body of the Bank. Similar was reported from circles of the Commerzbank Supervisory Board.