The artisans of La Presse garner three nominations for the En-Tête awards, which each year reward the best reports on the subject of mental health.

In the “mental health report at work” category, journalists Charles-Éric Blais-Poulin and Marissa Groguhé are nominated for their dossier “Vague de suicides chez les artisans de la scene: When the curtain falls forever”, published on 29 January 2022. They addressed a recent wave of suicide in the small milieu of technicians in the field of the performing arts.

Then two other journalists from La Presse are nominated in the category “mental health reporting among young people”.

Ariane Lacoursière is thus rewarded for her report “When anxiety gnaws at young people” on the constant increase in the number of young people suffering from anxiety in Quebec over the past fifteen years.

His colleague Olivia Lévy is, for her part, thanks to the report “Les Twins: Dance can mend people” about the famous duo of dancers, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, two judges on the TVA program Révolution, who offer workshops on the benefits of dance in schools.

Radio-Canada also stands out with four nominations, while the magazine Québec Science is also nominated once.

All of these finalists were chosen from among the 32 entries submitted this year for the Headline Awards. The names of the winners will be announced in April and an award ceremony will take place later in Montreal.