Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and chief financial officer of the Chinese technology group, wants to file a claim against the government of Canada, the border guard and the national police. According to their lawyers, the Supreme court of British Columbia was informed of the civil claim.

Meng accuses the authorities that they had been interrogated under the pretext of a routine examination of the duty. Here, you have forced them to provide evidence and information available. Afterwards they had been arrested.

At the Urging of the U.S. government had Canada Meng on 1. December 2018 in Vancouver. Against a Deposit in the millions, they came under strict conditions. You are not allowed to leave Vancouver.

The USA accuse of the entrepreneur, banks in terms of Huawei-to have shops in Iran deceived. Meng and the company Huawei were accused at the end of January in Federal court in New York. The U.S. Department of justice accusing them of, among other things, violations of the US sanctions against Iran, Bank fraud, money laundering and industrial espionage.

The Ministry of justice in the canadian capital of Ottawa, has found according to their own statements, that the conditions are met for an extradition procedure. The Ministry informed that the evidence had been examined to the case “thoroughly and carefully”. The evidence was sufficient to allow for the case of an extradition judge. In order for the Delivery to be initiated “formally”.

China is “completely dissatisfied”

The Chinese government criticized this decision. A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy said that China’s political leadership was “completely dissatisfied” and a delivery reject procedure “decided”. It was not a legal matter, but the “political persecution” of a Chinese technology company.

Huawei was founded in 1987. According to information provided by the company to the General Public today because of its Smartphones, known supplies, 45 of the 50 world’s largest telecommunications providers. The US accuses the group too close to the Chinese authorities and keep the former for a risk to cyber security.