19.07.2022, Berlin: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (l-r), Brian Tyree Henry, und Brad Pitt, alle Schauspieler, kommen zur Deutschlandpremiere des Kinofilms «Bullet Train» in den Zoopalast. Foto: Christoph Soeder/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Hollywood star Brad Pitt and German actor Lars Eidinger show their legs: Both recently presented themselves in airy skirts. Pitt (58) showed up on the red carpet in Berlin on Tuesday evening wearing sunglasses, boots and a skirt when he presented his new film “Bullet Train”. Eidinger (46) chose a black skirt at the premiere celebration after the opening of the Salzburg Festival.

So when the temperature is high, rock stars seem to be a trend – in cities like Berlin you can see men in rocks on the street from time to time.

According to Carl Tillessen from the German Fashion Institute, a trend is emerging. “There will be not only skirts, but also puff sleeves, ruffles, bow ties, pearl necklaces and so on for men. Realistically, however, younger men in particular will adopt these clothing elements in order to break with traditional gender images,” he says.

The fact that a 58-year-old like Pitt is following the trend will probably remain an exception. “The excitement surrounding Brad Pitt’s skirt shows that this look is still seen as breaking taboos by large parts of our society,” says Tillessen.

British musician Harry Styles has already joined the ranks of prominent rock figures. Styles, who polarizes with his fashion style, has already posed in dresses and skirts for the fashion magazine “Vogue”. Male model Papis Loveday also often dispenses with classic pants and chooses a skirt or dress for appearances.

The ARD crime thriller “Polizeiruf 110” is not known for fashion sensations. In the last episode from Brandenburg (“Hilde’s legacy”), actor André Kaczmarczyk surprised some viewers as Vincent Ross – with make-up and a kilt.

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In the world of fashion, the game of gender roles is gradually getting bigger: nail polish for men and boyfriend jeans for women are now being followed by skirts for everyone.

For trend analyst Tillessen, this is not a superficial whim of fashion, but an expression of far-reaching social upheaval. “That’s why this mega trend will not only accompany and occupy us for one season, but for many years.”