Dennis Hohloch, member of the Brandenburg state parliament, wants to run for the federal executive committee of his party and thus prevent ex-state head Andreas Kalbitz from being reinstated.

Hohloch confirmed on Friday when asked that he would run for the post of secretary or an assessor at the federal party conference from June 17th to 19th in Riesa, Saxony. First, the editorial network Germany (RND) reported on the candidacy.

“A reinstatement of Kalbitz in the party would split the state association and the federal party,” said Hohloch in justification. He sees corresponding intentions in the Brandenburg state executive under state chief Birgit Bessin, who initially wants to apply at the federal party conference to lift the ban on Kalbitz appearing at AfD events.

In addition, despite the current ban, there are already joint public appearances by parliamentary group colleagues with Kalbitz in Brandenburg, said Hohloch.

According to Hohloch, the federal executive must not only ensure a balance between East and West, but also between the liberal-conservative and social-patriotic currents in the party. “With my candidacy, I want to contribute to professionalization.”

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