In Breda, the netherlands) is a megaproces in the hallway, five Belgians and one Dutch person. They are accused of the murder of Brian Dalfour, leader of the motorcycle club No Surrender, and Muljaim Nadzak, who, in October 2015, have been shot dead at a house in Hooge Zwaluwe.

What’s in the house play, it is so far largely unclear remained the same. It is there very wild, it is gone, is a long-established Dalfour (47), and the MacedoniĆ«r Nadzak (34) succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds. Two of the suspects were killed or wounded. In the context of the use of violence in Hooge Zwaluwe, it is likely to be of a so-called ripdeal have been a violent robbery of illegal drugs and drug money.

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as Four of the Belgian suspects, said Tuesday that two of the victims were still alive when they came out of the house at the time. The district court denied them, and that they are in Amsterdam, No Surrender-the boss and his friend have a doodgeschoten.De the Belgians were told that the drug had wanted to buy, and that she had been assaulted by two men who posed as police officers. They would have been tied up with cable ties. Nadzak’s lap, then on the accused, Samir T, by which the inhabitants of antwerp in the eye and has given no response.

be Frightened to death would be the Belgians, is the losgeworsteld in and out of the cottage and ran away. Justice thinks that the Belgians are the two of this shoot. T., and the defendant is a middleman, Roy, O., the ripdeal knew, were killed or wounded by bullets.