The Dutchman (20), who is suspected of Monday morning, at the subway station Capelsebrug Rotterdam, the 20-year-old Wesley is forced to hebbendoodgestoken, it is a well-known to the police. The men were identified in pictures from surveillance cameras in and around the station.

The police went to the house of the accused along to have him arrested, but he was not. Monday night was the young man, however, still be observed when the cops put him in a car and saw this rijden.De the camera on top of the entrance gates to the station platform on track 2, and have clearly registered what was going on in the morning, a little before ten o’clock in the bushes.

Witnesses report that the Spurs wanted to fraud, and to check out behind-the suspect in the face, through the access gate. Among the considerable number of people ‘hitchhiked’ to the victim, as with it’s predecessor. That said, there’s some of that, and there was an argument with His out of Lekkerkerk, close to Rotterdam, the netherlands) is clearly the biggest mouth. The argument escalated into a fatal stabbing.

“He (Wesley, ed.). did the smart (bold, ed., seemed to be raised, provoked the other man,” said a witness. “He just kept at him, screaming, and even then, their faces close to each other. He looked up, clearly to avoid confrontation and wouldn’t challenge them. Then, at the height of the door, on the subway, picked up the man quietly with a knife, and stabbed another in the chest. It was right next to his heart has been stabbed, blood sprayed out, and he sank down to the ground. The most striking thing about it was that the man is very calm to stay. He turned around and walked away from the victim came from. What’s so special: no one went after the offender. They were just in a state of shock from behind.”

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the victim is known to police. Wesley was still in his probationary period, a penalty in the past year, taking him to a wider audience of sixty hours, and a thirty-day jeugddetentie conditionally, were imposed on them. The ruling came after a zedenmisdrijf that it was committed while he was still a minor it was. Monday afternoon, he had to report to the court in The Hague because he had held on to the particular terms and conditions which, to him, in addition to the penalty were to be imposed. The lawyer acting for him, was friendly, said to be shocked by his death.