I totally agree with Mr. Fortier. With the workload that entails, not to mention the precariousness of the job, the remuneration must be there.

Agreed to better pay provincial deputies, but we must reduce their number. Also to be adjusted: their pension fund, which is heresy, completely disconnected from the Quebec citizen.

There is a solution to the salaries of elected officials. First, that the recommendations come from an independent committee. That the elected officials agree to adopt the recommendations of the said committee. To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, the new salary conditions will not come into force until after the election of the new government, i.e. after the 2026 elections. And, finally, that the new salary conditions should thereafter be indexed according to the annual rate of inflation with a maximum of 3%. Thus, we would not have to come back to this question and those interested in politics would know in advance their conditions. As for MPs who find these new conditions exaggerated, no problem, because they could waive the new conditions instead of blubbering, saying they are opposed, but knowing full well that in the end, they will still get the new conditions.

It is never easy to be in politics. You have to think that they are professionals and they can make a decent living! To be criticized and often threatened, some must often feel like leaving their post! So much the better if they can be compensated as they should be!

No one is required to become a Member of Parliament. It is a choice made by some with the advantages and disadvantages that this implies.

Proposals for MPs’ salaries should be made during the election campaign. When applying for a job, we agree on the salary before accepting the position.

Consciously or unconsciously, I note a certain lack of transparency in your remarks, Mr. Fortier. The point is not the salary of the deputies, but the overall remuneration they receive taking into account their pension fund, without any common measure! A point that you skilfully dodge in your post…

Yes, politicians deserve the same salary and the same conditions as federal politicians. They sacrifice a large part of their lives to safeguard our democracy. In addition to facing us, the “criticists”. It’s not easy to be political. It should be added on the ballots in the next election: are you for or against our politicians being entitled to better pay, better conditions? I am for.

The salaries of Quebec MPs should be competitive with those of federal MPs and other provinces, but the pension plan should be comparable to those of the private sector.

Give a better salary to a deputy who represents the ideas of his constituents, I am in favor. Paying an MP who tows the party line and crashes by not presenting the ideas of his constituents will always be too expensive.

It seems odd to me to compare the salaries of our provincial deputies with those of federal deputies. Why not compare with the salary of other provinces and average the salaries of MPPs? Perhaps we would see that our MPs are already very well paid. Should we also compare the salaries of our provincial civil servants with those of federal civil servants?