Employees and needy are calling for far-reaching improvements in care. The Federal government have recognized the seriousness of the situation, praised the President of the German nursing Council, Franz Wagner, at the start of the German maintenance day in Berlin, and paid tribute to the three Federal government ministries convened a “Concerted action care” as an “important first step”. However, a target for the development of the medical profession is missing “” over the coming years. Particularly, the nursing profession is in crisis. Now it takes five months to fill a vacancy.

think about A third of the nurses out of the profession. Within the next 15 years, a third of the reach in addition the retirement age. Need better pay, more employee-friendly service plans, as well as a target for the development of the profession over the next few years are, therefore, called on Wagner.

the Chairman of The Board of the AOK-Federal Association, Martin Litsch, called for a new understanding of the role between the health professions. A “strong, equitable and caring” would have a positive impact on the quality of health care. Litsch was in favour of Academisation of the Profession.

Wagner wants more skills for nurses, because this can just improve in underserved areas or hard-to-reach target groups, the health care. Today nursing staff, many medical activities are not allowed to exercise at all. Therefore, in the professional – and power law, the conditions are created, called Wagner. From the point of view of the German Board of Trustees of nurses could also take on certain medical tasks, and as a result, the Doctors relieve.

unions demanded that the Federal government mandatory staffing levels for elderly care and hospitals. “Many nurses and nurses flee today practically out of the profession, although they love him actually. The need to be different,” said a ver.di-spokesperson for the Handelsblatt.

patient representative of The German government, Andreas West coat house, criticized the employers in the care industry. Especially in the Eastern Federal States, young workers would often have no full-time contracts, because the home operator to make their rosters better with part-time workers. Thus, employers would gain no competition for skilled workers, he said the Newspapers of the Funke media group. That mostly part-time jobs, especially in care for the elderly to be offered, however, a reason for that: most of The employees now work part-time. And this, in turn, calls for more part-time.

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numbers of people in need of care, on average, in homes.

The Bremen health economist Heinz Rothgang proposes a fundamental Reform of the financing. Given the increase in need for care and rising costs, the legal nursing care insurance is financed for the future. The medical treatment in nursing homes should be taken over by the health insurance, he said in the Germany radio. A second step could be a kind of citizens insurance. Skeptical, he was against tax subsidies were often required.

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Roth aisle, to limit the self-interests of the patient in care homes. This could also be done by “the medical treatment of care in nursing homes goes back to the health insurance. That would halve the equity shares at the Moment, practically”. With a view to the co-existence of private and statutory care insurance, he suggested, the privately Insured to be integrated into the legal System. Today, these can only be in solidarity with yourself. “When they come into the System, we can expect a contribution relief of up to a half of the contribution rate.”

care “brings the mood into the booth” sports and games with a robot. This movement concept of the University of Siegen is tried in an old people’s home and is intended as a response to a lack of nurses. © Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

The CDU politician Erwin Rüddel, Chairman of the health Committee in the German Bundestag, suggested that the equity stake could be reduced in the case of a placement in a nursing home, by relatives, could provide in-home domestic services. As examples of such Rüddel eat called rich, or the cleaning of the room.

Rüddel also, covers the share in the stationary area, and to Finance a part of the nursing care insurance through tax subsidies. Also, the SPD is in favour of this proposal. A corresponding Bundesrat initiative of Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, Hamburg, and Bremen, will be discussed on Friday.

The German Day is the main industry event in Germany. It runs from Thursday to Saturday in Berlin, several Federal Ministers will be at the event to guest.