Frankfurter Flughafen am 15. September 2021 Lufthansa Airbus A380 D-AIMH v.l., Auf Wiedersehen Frankfurt Pünktlich um 9:00 Uhr Ortszeit ist heute die letzte noch in Frankfurt geparkte A380 Richtung Teruel, Spanien, gestartet. Dort geht sie ins sogenannte Deep Storage, also Langzeitparken. Was künftig mit der A380 innerhalb der Lufthansa Flotte passiert ist noch nicht entschieden. *** Frankfurt Airport on 15 September 2021 Lufthansa Airbus A380 D AIMH v l , Goodbye Frankfurt The last A380 still parked in Frankfurt took off today at 9 a.m. local time for Teruel, Spain, where it will go into deep storage, i.e. long-term parking What will happen to the A380 within the Lufthansa fleet in the future has not yet been decided. Copyright: JoaquimxFerreira

In view of a sharp rise in ticket demand, Lufthansa is putting its giant Airbus A380 jets back into operation. The world’s largest passenger aircraft is expected to be used again from summer 2023, the company, which is listed in the MDax, announced on Monday in Frankfurt.

Lufthansa had taken its A380 fleet out of service due to the Corona crisis and had almost ruled out reactivation for a long time. The group explained its about-face with delays in the delivery of other types of aircraft.

Lufthansa still owns fourteen A380s, but has already sold six of them. The remaining eight machines are to remain in the fleet until further notice, but are currently parked. Getting them up and running again takes time. According to Lufthansa, it is still being checked how many of the jets will be used next year and on which routes.

Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr had already announced a reactivation of the A380 last week. In April, this had sounded very different: “She will not come back to Lufthansa,” Spohr told the “Spiegel”.