Lost island: the mayor was surprised that the island from the embankment out from under authority. Who took possession of them and what it will do?

well-Known Novosibirsk developer Timur Sattarov, who gave the city Department store LUKSE received for construction of the island under the High Bugrinskij bridge. Mayor Anatoly Lokot discovered this fact during a tour along the waterfront in the neighborhood of the “European coast”, was very surprised and told me to figure it out. According to the documents on the island to build a hotel and yacht club, but what makes Timur Sattarov out Lisa Pichugin.

“as long as we click with a beak, we have all the Islands snap up”

on 9 June, the Director of “the Cranberries. Sibakademstroy” Michael Ansimov presented to the mayor of Novosibirsk the concept of the construction of the embankment along the “European banks”: it announced in 2017, and in the already built part of the frame.