At Tierpark Berlin, visitors can look forward to the birth of a giraffe baby. Mother Amalka gave birth to the giraffe girl on Thursday, the zoo announced on Monday.

The proud weight at birth: around 60 kilograms with a size of around 180 centimeters. A baby giraffe grows in its mother’s womb for about 15 months and can stand on its own almost immediately after birth.

“Especially as a former zoo veterinarian, I know that you can hardly provide obstetrics for giraffes,” said zoo and animal park director Andreas Knieriem, according to the announcement.

“Here, the mother and her natural instincts are particularly important.” It is all the nicer that mother Amalka has mastered the task so well with her third offspring

In addition to the little giraffe girl, who is still waiting for a name, Amalka and father Jabulani, four other giraffes currently live in Tierpark Berlin.

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According to the zoo, Amalka and the cub will spend the first few days together and will join the herd after a period of getting to know each other.

For the guests in the zoo, both can be seen in the giraffe house from Tuesday.