The car looked so nice and modern Model with lots of features on cars are to be found in a huge display. But now, with the older Model’s screen will all of a sudden transpires to be able to move in, the problems will be huge. Electric cars are practically useless and can even be topped up.

the Rate of drivers who are affected by it, there is only one solution: replace the solid-state memory chip, that is on the screen, it is connected to. It appears, after a few years, the amount of data is not to be able to handle it, with all the consequences dien.De car was out of warranty, and the replacement of the onderdeelkost soon be about 1,600 euros.

the Thrill

The Tesla Model S was launched in 2012 as a sensation. Not only because it features an exciting design of the electric car is sexy and the friend and the enemy, amazed at his driving range on battery power. Also, the huge, 17-inch measurement touchscreen, it was spectacular, and it is to this day, no other manufacturer can match.

But now some of the cars of the Model S to have a seven-year-old, scuba-diving, there are problems in the middle of the display. In the Us the media and on the forums, Tesla drivers are showing up more and more complaints from Tesla owners are reporting that their cars seem not to be useful.Tesla owners will notice first of all that the system takes longer to start up, and that the operation is running slowly. Then, the screen will be black, and it is not to bring it to life.


Some of the engineers breathed, after dozens of repairs through the use of Twitter as a cry for help, and were personal to Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk. That has been one of the tweet responded: “It would be better to have it”.

now What he exactly means is not clear. As possible, he points out that Tesla is not in the on STATE for the previous year was replaced by a newer type with more memory. This is, indeed, happening. The manufacturer believes that the problem is with the newer vehicles will no longer occur, however, it is difficult to measure the service life of these components in the long term in order to predict the future. Also, in the memory device, which Model was built, it was not foreseen that later on the problems it would cause, and because there are just more and more data in a vehicle is to be stored.


of Course, it is not uncommon for car parts at the end of a year, or seven moving. But at the Rate it is especially embarrassing that it was to be the main monitor, because it plays a vital role in the functioning of the car.

It’s simple to explain, why Tesla drivers in the US in recent weeks to report that. The Tesla Model S, the first model with such a screen, he was the first in the united states and Canada, is on the market. That’s what happened in 2012. It was only in the years that followed, he came to Europe. It would seem to be a matter of time before the issues, this will have to do.