Lifeguards warn of the dangers of swimming in unguarded waters. The spokesman for the state association of the German Life Saving Society (DLRG), Daniel Keip, told the German Press Agency: “We find again and again that bathers and swimmers overestimate their own abilities, especially on and in the water and on the other hand the dangers of the water underestimate”.

Water has no bars, that is sometimes forgotten, said Keip. And the further away the bathing spots are from other people, the further away the next help is.

Three people died in swimming accidents in Brandenburg on the Pentecost weekend. The fatal accidents occurred in Brandenburg an der Havel, Zossen and Lychen. The cases were followed up by the lifeguards, reported Keip. “In the case of deaths, we are very quickly, very emotionally involved, precisely because we volunteer and could not help.”

However, many accidents happen out of carelessness, because people have the impression that they are efficient. “It’s extremely dangerous and can end tragically.” Guarded outdoor pools in particular would provide more security.

The lifesaver recommended an old rule for bathing and swimming in sweltering heat: “Cool off before bathing, get used to the water temperature, don’t overtax yourself.”

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Sunbathing for half an hour and then going straight into the water to cool off can put a strain on the circulation, Keip warned.

Stand-up paddlers and hobby canoeists should also carefully assess their strength when going out on the lake, drink a lot and protect themselves from the blazing sun. Driving along the shore might not be so “cool”, but you can still stand there sometimes, recommended Keip. Not everyone gets back on the boat or board after falling into the water and is then far from any possibility of help. “We just hope that people will be sane.”

According to the DLRG, 23 people drowned in Brandenburg last year. Heat can also put a heavy strain on the human organism. According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office, 111 heat deaths were registered in the state last year. For comparison: 143 heat deaths were recorded in 2020, and 126 in 2019. (dpa)